About Us

Incorporated in may 2000, the company has steadily and surely been growing and taking even deeper route over the years.

There haven’t been any tendencies to deviate from the sole reason of its establishment, being to offer excellent, quantitative and qualitative services through application of cost effective engineering techniques.

The company’s mission therefore is to penetrate the mechanical, electrical, civil and any engineering circle in order to continue to offer satisfactory services to their clients.

SDK Engineering is strongly envisaged that it will shine out amongst all other engineering companies given the fact that the whole team is ready to go an extra mile to offer quality services.

The company has constructed a modern heavy Calibration facility, the only one of its kind in Uganda. SDK has constructed service stations to be its alternative profit business center.

However, it has not been plain sailing for them, like any other company, SDK has faced some general problems during execution of their works like delayed payments, leading to some short term financial constraints, unfair competition from fellow construction companies which offer substandard works at very low prices among others.

More so, the company has also managed to achieve a lot.